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PhotoVelo in the Dallas Observer
Sunday, October 16, at Eno’s Pizza Tavern
If you ever had to compete in a scavenger hunt as a kid, you’ll probably remember it wasn’t very difficult. The clues were easy, the objects in plain sight and it was really only a race of speed, which made the scavenging part so unnecessary. Flash forward to now and the grown-up version of that competition really isn’t child’s play. You need mental strength and a strategy to win adult scavenger hunts, and for PhotoVelo you also need a bike. Bike Friendly Oak Cliff is hosting their third annual bicycle photo scavenger hunt in which individuals and teams of two to four cyclists are given a list of items to photograph around Oak Cliff. All you need are your bike, map, a Sharpie and your camera. Oh, plus you need a place to print or develop your pictures, and we can tell you with certitude that Walgreens needs to take down that one-hour photo sign. So if you live in dark ages, have the darkroom ready to go when the race begins at 12:30 p.m. Sunday at Eno’s Pizza Tavern. You can register for free by emailing or showing up in person before noon on Sunday, and stay after the race ends at 4 p.m. for live music and an early dinner at Eno’s. The winner of PhotoVelo gets a free meal at Eno’s (up to $75), and second place snags tickets to the DMA. Hey, if you don’t win you got a free workout, so really everyone’s a winner.



amidst the photography section at the bookstore, we found ourselves talking iPhone Photo Apps with James.

There are gobs of these out there. So far, I’ve only used a handful, but there are some I quite like. And in many instances, you can mix and match your processing, running a photo through different apps’ effects to get it just so. Many will also upload the pictures to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc in-app as well.

I like the various filters and effects Camerabag and Lo-mob give you. The editing features of Snapture, PS Mobile, and Best Camera (there’s even a book of iPhone photos to go along with Best Camera) give you finer control over your images. Blendcam and PanoLab are more specialized applications — superimposed images and panoramas, respectively — but good fun just the same. My current favorite is Hipstamatic, with its goofy interface that lets you swap out various “lenses”, “films” and “flashes” to add different twists to your image.

That’s a small sampling of what’s out there, but its what I’ve been playing with. Some are free and some are available for a small fee. Regardless, they make the iPhone’s rather basic camera a much more fun photographer’s tool.

check out more of James’ work at his Flickr.

photo of Ange by James using an iPhone and the Hipstamatic App.

and speaking of iPhone pix, we’ve ordered and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the amazing new zine by AVS appropriately titled “Can You Hear Me Now?” And you should too!

Zine#4 by Allison V. Smith

Don’t forget Rhett!
We’ve got five pairs of tickets to give to away to lucky Flickr Group Shooters.
You’ve got two days left to enter for your chance to attend Rhett‘s show with us on November 14th at the Granada, a benefit for the
So dig up your old show photos or go take new ones and submit for your chance to shoot Rhett with us!


Rhett Miller by Jason Janik

We had such a blast at the Bicycle Photo Scavenger Hunt & Oktoberfest and hope you did too.
Thanks to all the peeps who were there to take part in the fun, we had 13 total teams show up to bike ‘n shoot and they all returned from the hunt with brilliant, beautiful and sometimes hilarious results.
We can’t wait to do it again, so be sure to stay tuned to the blog for news about future events.
Below are some of our favorite snaps of the day…team photos, award ceremony results and more pictures can be found HERE.


Swimming in Lake Cliff by Team Tandemonium


Swimming at the Belmont by The Unicorns

LostTango1 Winner Best Photo graffiti by Team Lost Tango


CYCLESOMATIC graffiti by Adam Davis


Heart Shaved into Chest Hair by Team Pufbo


Lie below the headstone of Clive Barrow's grave by Team FREEBIRD


man hole

Can you remember those construction zone signs that announced that a flagman was ahead? Well, now they say “flagger” in deference to the flag wavers of the female persuasion who have moved into the profession.
As for me, I think it’s high time that all those signs marking the presence of round openings to underground spaces be changed to simply HOLE. Let’s get rid of sexism in all aspects of life here in the USofA.


Grapevine, Texas 9/26/2009

Guy Reynolds guest blogger

photofocus1Here is this week’s Photo Focus:

The Women’s Museum
Through June 28, 2009
Tall in the Saddle: Cowgirls, Ranch Women and Rodeo Gals
Photography by Ann P. Meredith

Ft. Worth Community Arts Center
Through June 29
Tru-Vue: Photography by Jill Johnson, Tom Pennington and Loli Kantor

Aferimage Gallery
Though July 7, 2009
Jenny Ellerbe: Here is Home

CADD Art Lab
Through July 9

Light & Sie
Through July 25
Daniel Mirer: In Finest Tradition

Irving Arts Center
Through July 26
Looking In: Earth From Space, Looking Out: Space From Earth

Amon Carter Museum
Through July 19, 2009
High Modernism: Alfred Stieglitz and His Legacy

Sixth Floor Museum
Through July 31, 2010
A Photographer’s Story: Bob Jackson and the Kennedy Assassination

The Art Centre of Plano
Through August 1, 2009
The Art of the Bicycle: Exhibit featuring bicycle themed art from photographer Kelly Berry, and painters Todd Gutmann and Janet Karam

Dallas Museum of Art
Through August 16
Willie Doherty: Requisite Distance

Dallas Center for Architecture
Through August 21
Leroy Grannis Photography

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