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DALLAS CYCLE STYLE is looking for half a dozen photographers who are available to shoot for a few hours on Saturday April 21st 2012 (Earth Day weekend!) The GOAL: to create artistic/professional photos of cyclists around town for our 2nd annual Cyclist Census.

Photographers can choose their own locations if they have a good spot in mind to catch some everyday cyclists (not necessarily the spandex-in-training cyclists, though that’s fine too) or – we have a list of some good spots they can choose from. We’re looking for the 2012 Face of Biking in Dallas and as we found last year, a talented photographer can steal the show. So…this year, we’re making it a photo competition too! We’ll have prizes for 1st through 3rd and honorable mention winners (chosen by a panel of professionals), as well as the People’s Choice Face of Biking in Dallas winners announced at the Cycle Style Fashion Event April 28th, 2012 – 10pm at the Continental Lofts Gallery in Deep Ellum.

Here’s an idea of the types of photos we’re looking for (fun! colorful! exuding personality!) Lights, reflectors & assistants are all allowed.

©Elliott Munoz

©Jarrod Fresquez

©Stevan Koye

©Jarrod Fresquez

The commitment will involve picking up the release forms and sandwich board a week or so before the day of shooting (from either a North Dallas or Oak Cliff location) and then dropping-off your signed release forms, sandwich board and CD/DVD/returnable flash drive with hi res image files at same location before noon the Sunday after the event. It will involve a pretty quick turn-around to get the photos up for online voting before the winners are announced at the next Saturday event!

Interested photographers should contact Amanda at More details at



Here are some more sneak peeks of some of the lovely bicycle images you all are submitting for the Dallas Rides Photo Contest. You have until the end of THIS Friday to get them in. Soon there after we will announce the upcoming photo exhibit and who will be accepted. If you’re just now reading about the contest, it’s not too late! Email your submission to

By Jigna Vyas Gosa

By Alisha Ippolito

photo by Andrea Roberts

It’s time to grab your camera, and find some bikes, and get ready for our “Dallas Rides” Photo Contest. We’re teaming up with BFOC and are looking for images that capture our city’s growing bike culture and the people and bicycles in it. Whether you know people who commute to work, or you have some wonderful shots from a casual group ride, we would love to see them submitted.

There will be an exhibit the last weekend in February (more details to come) to showcase the finalists. Winners in various categories will receive some great prizes, one of which will be a new Brooks saddle.

Contest Rules

-All are welcome — any photo format as long as you are prepared to print and frame if you are a finalist.
-Please submit only one photo.
-The work must be your own.
-Please submit only photos that include bicycles riding in the DFW area.
-Photos must be family friendly.
-files must be at least 240 dpi resolution.
-The photographer retains full copyright of their image and the entry will only be published on BFOC and as part of the contest.
Send your entries as e-mail attachments to Include your full name in the body of the e-mail and “Dallas Rides Photo Contest” in the subject line.
-The entry period is now open and we’ll close it off on February 11. We will announce details on the photo exhibit before the entry period closes.

For more details, see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Happy shooting!

By Wendy Woodruff-Wezensky

Don’t forget to submit your images to our Flickr Photo Pool to be considered for our daily pix!

photopoluscycleHey Camera Bikers,

You’ve been waiting and here it is, the official rundown for the Bike Photo Scavenger Hunt! *presented by & 75208 Bike Group, from 12 – 3pm on Sunday, October 25.

Team & individual entries can be emailed to us in advance at
Just include your team name and the names of all members of your team. Entries will be accepted up to the start of the event but we’d like a heads up so we can print your team name on cards to be proudly displayed along w/ your photos at the award ceremony at 3:30pm at Oktoberfest in Bishop Arts District.

Next, be sure to have your bike tires filled w/ air and your camera (film/digital/polaroid) ready to shoot.


1. a sharpie
2. a place to develop/print your photos
3. a camera (film, digital or polaroid)
4. a bike
5. a map of Oak Cliff and the Bishop Arts District
6. a sense of adventure


1. ONE camera per team
2. Limit of FIVE people per team
3. participants must be on bikes, no cars allowed
4. items on the list may only be used once
5. you may include more than one item per photo
6. no retouching or photoshopping!
7. you don’t have to get a photo of every item on the list, but the more you get, the better your chances at being PHOTO BIKE SCAVENGER HUNT CHAMPION
8. arrive back at home base with your printed pictures, ready for us to hang/display by 3pm
9. you must write your TEAM or INDIVIDUAL NAME and THE ITEM YOU SHOT FROM THE LIST on the back of each photo (we must be able to read this so please print clearly)
10. only 25 prints per team accepted, and they must be printed when you arrive back to home base at the 3pm deadline, on 4×6 PHOTO paper (matte or glossy), or Polaroid, or other instant camera print sizes.
11. the team/individual with the most photos from the list wins, if we have more than one team/individual w/ all 25 photos from the list, we go by whomever arrived back to home base first.
12. a photo of a photo of a listed item does not count
13. some of the items on the list will designate that a team member must be in the photo, be sure to pay attention
14. be creative and have fun!

Participants will meet at Eno’s at 11:45am on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25th, where you will be given THE LIST of items to shoot from bikes around the Bishop Arts District and Oak Cliff.
407 N Bishop Ave
Dallas, TX 75208-4658
(214) 943-9200

*Deadline for the hunt is 3pm and we’ll meet back at Eno’s to display the photos and determine the winner.
Be sure to include time for printing your photos!

We’ll have 25 items on our list, and the team or individual to return first with all 25 wins a spectacular prize (as well as the respect and admiration of their peers)
The winning team/individual photos plus other team/individual honorable mention pictures (Best Photo, Most Original, Best Use of Bike, etc) will be posted to the week of November 2nd.

Thanks in advance for being a part of the fun and we’ll see you on Sunday!
Love, & 75208 Bike Group

By Leigh Ann Field

By Leigh Ann Field

Don’t forget to submit your images to our Flickr Photo Pool to be considered for our daily pix!

By Ange Fitzgerald

By Ange Fitzgerald

Thanks to all who made it out to the block party. We had a blast with the photo booth run by the lovely Ange Fitzgerald and sure shooter, Erik Glissman! There was silly string, live music, screen printing, food, and great company…. Take a look at the rest of Ange’s photos here, and the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff blog recap here

By David Kozlowski

By David Kozlowski

Don’t forget to submit your images to our Flickr Photo Pool to be considered for our daily pix!


Join us this evening at the Tyler Street Bicycle Block Party!

This will no doubt be one of the most fun events of the summer. will be there with a camera to take your mugs on a retro tandem bike. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sit on this baby for a photo by our very own talented Ange Fitzgerald:

The soon to be opened Oak Cliff Bicycle Company is a great excuse for a block party. Come out to Tyler and Seventh Street on Saturday, June 27th from 6:30PM to 11PM. There will be bicycles, beer, food from Matt & Rob’s BBQ, two bands-The Happy Bullets & STEW!, the Lollipop Shoppe Go-Go Girls and DJ, and end the night with the classic Bike-In Movie…Pee Wee’s Big Adventure!

Bring blank t-shirts…they’ll be screen printing BFOC shirts in the new shop

Bring blankets/lawnchairs for the movie

The address for the bike shop is 410 N. Tyler Street, Dallas Texas 75208

The Lollipop Shoppe go go dancers and DJ at the Cube Creative art gallery across the street from the bike shop at 409A N. Tyler. The film and BBQ will be in the parking lot behind 411 N. Tyler. If you come to Oak Cliff earlier in the day, be sure to swing by the Bishop Arts District to catch their outdoor sidewalk sale.

7PM – Happy Bullets
9PM – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Yes, we think bicycles and cameras go together like apples and bananas. And it’s not only because one of our own lives with one of the founders of BFOC, either. We’ve always been passionate about both photography and riding. Over the weekend, aforementioned BFOC founder sent us this site out of Sacramento, CA which tells the story of some other people passionate about both photography and cycling. The blog features some wonderful imagery of their riding experiences and their bikes. We particularly appreciated this entry about Alan’s search for the perfect camera for his daily bicycle commute. All of this bicycle talk is making us think about planning a photo scavenger hunt on bicycles. Get ready, and Enjoy…

Panda Portrait with G10

Panda Portrait with G10

Back in November of last year I asked the readers of this blog for advice on bike cameras. I received a ton of input and the post ended up generating more comments than any post before or since. In the interim I’ve come to realize photographers are a helpful, if not opinionated, bunch!

After much research and hand-wringing, I ended up purchasing a Canon XSi DSLR. The XSi is a reasonably priced, relatively small/light consumer-level digital SLR with great specs and the ability to accept a wide selection of lenses from Canon and other aftermarket lens makers.

I ended up with four lenses: a Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS which is the “kit” lens that came with the camera; a Tokina AF 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX wide angle that I use mainly for capturing images of bikes/riders within larger landscapes; a Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 USM that is my low light “standard” lens; and a Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM macro that I use for all of my bike detail shots. Of these, the kit zoom sees the least amount of use. The others are all excellent lenses that serve their particular purposes quite well. Of the four, the Canon 60mm macro probably gets the most use.

After experimenting with various ways to carry the kit on my bike, I ended up with a Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home camera bag. The 7MDH, as it’s sometimes called, is a beautifully made, messenger-style shoulder bag, perfect for carrying a small to medium sized DSLR with 2-3 extra lenses and accessories. You can read my review of the 7MDH here.

As much as I’ve been ecstatic with the image quality and overall performance of the XSi and lenses, there was a small hole in my system; the kit is plenty comfortable for carrying around town on errand runs, joyrides, etc., but it’s a little much for taking on my daily multi-modal commute along with lunch, clothes, and other items needed for a day at the office. Consequently, I found myself grabbing my old Canon S3IS for those trips when I would be carrying a load and hopping on-and-off of transit multiple times. Since my original intention was to replace the S3IS, yet I still occasionally found myself using it, I decided I needed a higher quality, compact camera to “fill the gap” so to speak. With that in mind, I started saving my pennies and set out to find my perfect sub-DSLR compact for on-bike use.

These were my base criteria:

* Pocketable or at least “pouchable”
* Small enough for one-handed use on the bike
* Full manual control
* Raw output
* Relatively wide, fast lens
* Reasonably high image quality

Using the above criteria I fairly quickly narrowed down my list to the Panasonic LX3 and the Canon G10. Without getting into all of the technical arguments for one camera over the other, I can say the Canon is a better fit for me and I ended up purchasing one recently. I haven’t spent much time with the G10 yet, but the initial results are promising; the image quality looks excellent (see the zoomed image at the top of this post), the size is perfect for one-handed use, and it’s quite comfortable on the shoulder in its tiny Crumpler 1 Million Dollar Home bag.

Only time will tell, but I’m hoping the G10 will meet the need for those times when it’s not practical to carry a kit bag loaded with a DSLR and extra lenses, while providing the manual control and image quality I’ve become accustomed to.