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Currently traveling in between hometown Antwerp (Belgium) and place of study Eindhoven (the Netherlands), I try to make as much time for photography as possible. Not having any photographic education, I build up my own view on photography by looking through books, watching movies, traveling, etc. Sensitivity for colors and light is something I most definitely got from studying design. In my work I try to capture emotions and beauty, mostly the raw and unrefined beauty of a girl.

When and how did you become interested in Photography?

I’ve always loved looking at photographs and when I was younger I used to collect my favorite images from magazines. But the actual idea of taking photographs myself only came about a year and a half ago. I started following some flickr profiles and they inspired me to try it out myself.

What gear do you mainly shoot with?

Right now it’s basically just a 35mm camera (canon FTB) and a 50mm lens.

What is your #1 source of inspiration?

Girls and their mesmerizing power when they look into a camera.

Many times photographers find themselves with a full schedule of paying gigs, ending up with little time for doing the work they truly love. Do you struggle with finding time for your personal work?

I haven’t done any payed gigs so that makes it quite easy. I’m in the luxury position of being a student with sweetheart parents who pay my rent. But I’m still naive enough to hope that in the future, I will get paid for doing the things I love most.

What is your all time favorite genre to shoot (portraiture, conceptual, documentary, commercial, etc..)?

Fashion, definitely fashion. I’m hoping to broaden my experience in that area in the time to come.

What is the one thing you feel makes your style or your work unique?

I never had a photography course so all I can do is follow my intuition. I judge images with my feeling, and try to find beauty in their flaws.

if you could photograph anyone, (past/present/future), who would it be and why?

These kind of questions really stress me, because I know I will come up with the perfect answer once I pressed the ‘send’ button. But I can tell you that I feel very intrigued by the beauty of boyish looking girls with really long hair.

what’s your dream photo field trip?

I have many, but at the moment I’m a tiny bit obsessed with volcanoes and mountains.

what’s your post production process?

Scanning my images. From time to time I crop an image, brighten it up a bit, or make it black and white. But that’s really it. I try to keep the images as pure and honest as possible, which is also why I prefer analog photography.

if you had unlimited resources to purchase any type of camera, what would it be and why?

I don’t really care so much about the gear, I think I’d just get a good lens.

who are your favorite photographers and why?

I have tons. Mostly young photographers like Jeff Luker, Sophie van der Perre, Lina Scheynius and Wai Lin Tse, but I also really love the work of Mark Borthwick for instance.

what has been the shining moment of your career thus far? (or, describe your “big break”)

I don’t need to shine, as long as I can continue doing what I love most.

do you have any tips/tricks or advice for amateur photo nerds who are looking to shoot full time or students who are just starting out?

I’m sort of one of them, aren’t I? But my tip would be: don’t be a sheep. Follow your own intuition and don’t try to become someone you’re not.

what’s the soundtrack to your life and/or your favorite music to listen to while editing?

Whilst scanning I prefer soft music, I’m always way too energetic and can never wait until I have all the pictures scanned, so I need the music to calm me down.

what’s your favorite hang (when shooting or not)?

Cute little cafés where I can have a coffee and a piece of pie. I hope to own one of those one day.

best chow (meal/snack) to get you ready for a shoot? or best way to celebrate a brilliant capture?

Chafra, which stands for ‘Charlotte and Francois sandwich’. It’s a range of sandwiches my boyfriend and I like to make (for instance ciabatta with salmon, rucola, olive oil, basil and Parmesan cheese) Embarrassing, right? But damn good!

will you share with us one of your favorite shots?

What I like most about this photo is the atmosphere. It’s sweet but then it’s not. It’s intriguing in a way.

how about your favorite photo by another photographer?

The choice is killing me so I’ll just go for the last photo I saved on my computer which is this one by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen:

I love the feeling, the movement, how fragile and temporal it is.

has your passion for photography changed at all since turning “pro”?

I haven’t turned pro but I hope I will one day and I hope it will only make my passion bigger and more genuine.

do you have a favorite / lucky item of clothing, outfit or uniform that you like to wear when shooting an important assignment or project?

No, but I really should get some sort of protection photography outfit. I always want to look nice and dress up but then I come back soaked, dirty or bruised. Often with ruined tights and broken shoes. (I do crazy things to get the right angle)

are you a photography nerd or a camera gangsta?

I’d say I’m a photography noob.

what’s your sign? (we’re conducting a poll)

I’m a capricorn.

who would you like to see interviewed by photopolus next?

Lina Scheynius


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