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Thinking about DIY Beauty Lights and what the better contender might be?

Photographer Ed McGowan was thinking that too. He faced off two of the more popular DIY beauty dishes: in the left corner, wearing blue shorts at feather weight, the Turkey Pan beauty dish. In the right corner, enforced by the elements, wearing red, the Terra Cotta bowl beauty dish.

Winner after the jump.

There is no KO in this match. Lets count the points:

Light – You can look at the images above or pixel peep in a big file here. The pan has bigger reflection area, so I was kinda expecting a bit softer light, yet, for me they look pretty similar.

Weight – winner is turkey pan by points. Not that I think that there are big points in weight. If the strobe can carry the dish, it doesn’t really matter.

Sturdiness – big points go to Terra Cotta. It is build better and thus will travel better and will pay off the crafty after noon for a longer time

Looks – well, the pan dish kinda looks like a championship belt, but if clients are around, the Terra Cotta looks more pro.

And the winner by points, according to Ed is “Terra Cotta bowl more…mainly because it looks better”.

What do you think? Which Beauty Dish do you like better? Sound off in the comments.

Featured comment by Lech: Terra Cotta rocks the pants off Turkey time! The color cast is one aspect for sure, but beyond that, there’s a whole gallon of deep frying oil more highlight coming off the subject shot by the plant dish. Her skin tones are warmer, the whites are whiter, and the complementary colors in the neckware really dance. More detail in shirt by a mile, and even look at the light in the jeans – much sweeter blues come out with the Terra. To me, it’s totally hands down – Terra over Turkey. I would consider amending your post even since after reading it, you didn’t do the comparison justice.

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Thanks to our pal Robbie for sending us this…we think it’s badass.
(he also designed our logo… cuz he’s awesome like that)
Gun Camera Adds Graffiti to Other People’s Photos

photo courtesy of WIRED Magazine

amidst the photography section at the bookstore, we found ourselves talking iPhone Photo Apps with James.

There are gobs of these out there. So far, I’ve only used a handful, but there are some I quite like. And in many instances, you can mix and match your processing, running a photo through different apps’ effects to get it just so. Many will also upload the pictures to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc in-app as well.

I like the various filters and effects Camerabag and Lo-mob give you. The editing features of Snapture, PS Mobile, and Best Camera (there’s even a book of iPhone photos to go along with Best Camera) give you finer control over your images. Blendcam and PanoLab are more specialized applications — superimposed images and panoramas, respectively — but good fun just the same. My current favorite is Hipstamatic, with its goofy interface that lets you swap out various “lenses”, “films” and “flashes” to add different twists to your image.

That’s a small sampling of what’s out there, but its what I’ve been playing with. Some are free and some are available for a small fee. Regardless, they make the iPhone’s rather basic camera a much more fun photographer’s tool.

check out more of James’ work at his Flickr.

photo of Ange by James using an iPhone and the Hipstamatic App.

and speaking of iPhone pix, we’ve ordered and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the amazing new zine by AVS appropriately titled “Can You Hear Me Now?” And you should too!

Zine#4 by Allison V. Smith

The world of professional photography has come a long way since the days of the darkroom and Ektachrome film. Although there are traditionalists who still swear by film photography, advances in technology have brought photography to a whole new level, both in process and product. In addition to innovation in photography equipment, there are many valuable resources online that are becoming essential tools for professional photographers. (you know, IN ADDITION TO 😉

read the full article at MASHABLE by Jeana Lee Tahnk.

The Fuji Instax Instant Camera featured by our friends at photojojo


Mini prints that develop instantly!

After an incredible response to the passing of the Polaroid instant film, the new licensee of the Polaroid brand has decided to relaunch some of the most popular instant cameras and to that we say YAY!
read the full article By Alexandra Savvides HERE.

Polaroid SX-70 image by Adriano Antonini

Polaroid SX-70 image by Adriano Antonini

so, Ange just scored this cool vintage shooter from the fine folks at Orange House Studios.
check it!

Our pal and fellow camera gangster/photography nerd, Jamesie, was talking about Canon’s fancy new, RAW-capable P&S at brunch last Sunday.

He covets it.

Some of us here at do too.


Canon EOS-7D

Canon EOS-7D

Rumors have been flying lately about the imminent release of the Canon EOS-7D and/or a Canon 60D.

The 7D is rumored to be a lower end companion to the popular EOS-5D Mark II. Specs floating around online seems to conclude 18mp, 8 fps, 19 AF Points, 1080p HD video.

When Canon announced the G11, S90 and other new powershot cameras last week, apparently Best Buy also had the EOS-7D listed as an item in their retail system, complete with a UPC number and a price of $2,699.99. Was it a mistake? A leak?

It does seem like Canon’s release cycle has about come due and a Canon 7D would be welcome by most photographers.

Apparently Canon is holding a press conference on Sept 1st. Let’s see what happens!

ref Dive Photo Guide’s full article here

Front-001We look to DPReview for the latest and greatest reviews on products. Nikon has been kind enough to let them play with its latest entry-level DSLR, and they’ve prepared a brief hands-on, to get you up-to-speed with the new model. So, beyond the headline specifications, what does the D3000 offer and how does it fit into the model line-up?

Read here to find out!

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