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Nous avons eu un bon temps merveilleux à la bastille sur l’évêque et voici les photos pour la prouver!
*(We certainly had a wonderful good time at Bastille on Bishop and here are the pictures to prove it!)
Thank you for stopping by to see us!
Love & Photographs,
The A Team

French Mimes

*to download your FREE photo file, visit, select “Shop&Blog” then “Artists&Events” to find the BASTILLE 2011 gallery. Click on any thumbnail to view image large and there is a “download original” link in the lower right which allows you to save the picture to your computer.


*Click the above image to view it LARGE.
We are teaming up with Dallas Cycle Chic and Bike Friendly Oak Cliff to bring you some joyous and fun filled events the week of April 9 – 17th. We know you have been waiting for us to announce the Dallas Rides Photo Contest Exhibit ever since we got all snowed up last month, and you’ve been chomping at the bit to hear details on the upcoming POLARIDE that we teased you about on Facebook!

Well, here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the way your April will shape up. Dallas is rolling out this new and really nifty Bike Plan for the city, and we are in full support and want to show it by capturing the beautiful bicycle culture that is blossoming here. What better way to capture beauty than through photography? (I know, right?)

Of all the festivities during the week, we want you, our darling photopolus readers to pay special attention to three:

1. “Cyclist Census & Face of Biking in Dallas” April 9 from 12 – 6 p.m. …. We are looking for a few fun photographers to pick one of these spots for a portion of the day to photograph cyclists at each point. You will be provided with a packet full of model releases and details, and you will retain the rights to all of your photos. We just might want to exhibit and post a few of them to brag about our city and the pretty bicyclists in it! Email us if you’re in, and let us know which location you’re interested in.

– Beauty Bar (Henderson near Greenville)
– Transit Bicycle Co (on Blackburn near the West Village)
– McKinney (as in the city of – on Main Street)
– Denton (at the courthouse in the Square)
– Bicycles Plus (in Snider Plaza just off Hillcrest and Lovers)
– Downtown (Pegasus Plaza at Main and Akard)
– Bishop Arts District (in Oak Cliff by the Streetcar Mural)
– Deep Ellum (on Main at Walton between the taco joint and the cafe)

2. “Dallas Rides Photo Exhibit” April 10 from 7 – 10 p.m. upstairs at Eno’s
You all submitted some amazing shots last month, and the finalists will showcase their work! Come prepared to purchase some bike photo art with one of these super-cute-must-be-on-your-wall photographs. Congratulations to the finalists *woot woot*:

Clay Coleman
Jill Stegall
Chris Curnutt
Jigna Vyas Gosal
Walraj Gosal
Alisha Ippolito
Maria Belen Rodriguez

3. “SPRING POLARIDE 2011” April 16th from 12 – 5 p.m. Get your team together (maximum 4 people), and email us your team name. Then show up at Eno’s for our 3rd Bicycle Photo Scavenger Hunt!
All of you who have participated the last two kept asking us for more. And we deliver! So don’t resist the temptation to come along. Just email us with your questions, and we’ll get ya lined up.

Click on the flyer for other great Dallas Cycle Chic events, and we’ll see you ’round the town…

Here are some more sneak peeks of some of the lovely bicycle images you all are submitting for the Dallas Rides Photo Contest. You have until the end of THIS Friday to get them in. Soon there after we will announce the upcoming photo exhibit and who will be accepted. If you’re just now reading about the contest, it’s not too late! Email your submission to

By Jigna Vyas Gosa

By Alisha Ippolito

Hi Everyone! We’ve been getting some incredible submissions for the Dallas Rides Photo Contest, as you can see below. However, we have decided to extend the deadline one week due to the recent local inclement weather. We suspect many of you would have preferred being out riding your bike and getting some great shots as opposed to being cooped up in the house.

You can continue to submit photos until next Friday, February 18th. The art exhibit will also be in March with details to come. Keep ’em coming Dallas!

By Jill Stegall

By Walraj Singh Gosal

photo by Andrea Roberts

It’s time to grab your camera, and find some bikes, and get ready for our “Dallas Rides” Photo Contest. We’re teaming up with BFOC and are looking for images that capture our city’s growing bike culture and the people and bicycles in it. Whether you know people who commute to work, or you have some wonderful shots from a casual group ride, we would love to see them submitted.

There will be an exhibit the last weekend in February (more details to come) to showcase the finalists. Winners in various categories will receive some great prizes, one of which will be a new Brooks saddle.

Contest Rules

-All are welcome — any photo format as long as you are prepared to print and frame if you are a finalist.
-Please submit only one photo.
-The work must be your own.
-Please submit only photos that include bicycles riding in the DFW area.
-Photos must be family friendly.
-files must be at least 240 dpi resolution.
-The photographer retains full copyright of their image and the entry will only be published on BFOC and as part of the contest.
Send your entries as e-mail attachments to Include your full name in the body of the e-mail and “Dallas Rides Photo Contest” in the subject line.
-The entry period is now open and we’ll close it off on February 11. We will announce details on the photo exhibit before the entry period closes.

For more details, see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Happy shooting!

Ok, here’s the scoop….

Team & individual entries should be emailed in advance to
Deadline for this is October 15.
Just include your team name and the names of all members of your team.
Entries will be accepted up to the start of the event but we’d like a
heads up so we can print your team name on cards to be proudly
displayed along w/ your photos at the award ceremony at 6:30pm at
Cyclesomatic wrap up party in Bishop Arts District.

Next, be sure to have your bike tires filled w/ air and your camera
(film/digital/polaroid) ready to shoot.


1. a sharpie
2. a place to develop/print your photos
3. a camera (film, digital, instax or polaroid)
4. a bike
5. a map of Oak Cliff and the Bishop Arts District
6. a sense of adventure


1. ONE camera per team
2. Limit of FOUR people per team
3. participants must be on bikes, no cars allowed
4. items on the list may only be used once
5. you may include more than one item per photo
6. no retouching or photoshopping! (duh)
7. you don’t have to get a photo of every item on the list, but the
more you get, the better your chances at being PHOTO BIKE SCAVENGER
8. arrive back at home base with your printed pictures, ready for us
to hang/display by 1pm
9. you must write your TEAM or INDIVIDUAL NAME and THE ITEM YOU SHOT
FROM THE LIST on the back of each photo (we must be able to read this
so please print clearly)
10. only 25 prints per team accepted, and they must be printed when
you arrive back to home base at the 1pm deadline, on 4×6 PHOTO paper
(matte or glossy), or Polaroid, or other instant camera print sizes.
11. the team/individual with the most photos from the list wins, if we
have more than one team/individual w/ all 25 photos from the list, we
go by whomever arrived back to home base first.
12. a photo of a photo of a listed item does not count
13. some of the items on the list will designate that one of more team members
must be in the photo, be sure to pay attention
14. be creative and have fun!

Participants will meet at Eno’s at 9:45am on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17th,
where you will be given THE LIST of items to shoot from bikes around
Oak Cliff.
407 N Bishop Ave
Dallas, TX 75208-4658
(214) 943-9200

*Deadline for the hunt is 1pm and we’ll meet back at Eno’s.
Be sure to include time for printing your photos! The winners will be
determined during the Lee Harvey history ride hosted by BFOC at 2:30pm, and winners to be announced at wrap party & award ceremony to be held at Eno’s at 6:30pm.

We’ll have 25 items on our list, and the team or individual to return
first with all 25 wins a spectacular prize (as well as the respect and
admiration of their peers)
The winning team/individual photos plus other team/individual
honorable mention pictures (Best Photo, Most Original, Best Use of
Bike, etc) will be posted to the week of November 1st.


Hey Camera Campers,
We know how you love a good art show.
We’ve changed the date of our opening for the Urban Landscapes Exhibit from this Thursday, September 23rd to NEXT Thursday, September 30th. We have excellent reasons for doing this so please just roll with it and plan to be chillin with us on Thursday, 9/30 @ Eno’s Pizza Tavern in the Bishop Arts District.

There will be photo art by the A Team, music by the lovely Ashley Myrick of Lalagray and the Beaten Sea, and a special community cocktail for you to try….
*come hungry and feast upon one of Eno’s fantastic pizza pies!
We promise we’ll let you in even if your name doesn’t start with an “A”.

Thursday, September 30 · 7:00pm – 11:00pm

photo by Andrea Roberts. poster design by Stacey Rives

we hope you will make plans to join us at Eno’s next Thursday night as we share some of our more recent photo work.

Love & Photographs,
the As

We received an overwhelming amount of submissions for this round of CRAVE. Special thanks to our badass jurors, Andrew Tolentino, Cara Smith, and Angelina Fitzgerald who took the time to carefully and thoughtfully review each & every one (sans the artist names), to provide their sincere & earnest evaluations.

We are thrilled to introduce to you our September lineup of talented and brilliant individuals who have been chosen to show their work on Sunday, September 12th at the next installment of CRAVE!

Leigh Field
Michelle Love
Breonny Lee
Joshua Smith
Heather Lytle
Kelly Berry
Matt Harvey
Cassie Chandler
Brian Anderson
Guy Reynolds
Kate Mackley
Scott Horn
Seen Studios
Carolyn Nelson
Christopher Robin Roberts

This particular installment of CRAVE is shaping up to be the most exciting thus far, as our host & location at Nova is now open for business (and getting rave reviews), and there will be a number of fantastic happenings along the West Davis corridor that day.
We’ve even heard some murmurings that Anderson Cooper and his entourage from CNN will be stopping by to check it out. And someone just said yesterday that PBS/New York is calling about doing a segment on our humble little street festival – fun!

We’ve got some great bands/live music performances planned and Kelly is planning a gourmet grill out that we’re sure will be second to none.

We can’t wait to see you. So go ahead and come get your Art Fix. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.

noon Ange’s iPod
1pm Anna Proctor
2pm Christian Ross
3pm Low Fi Chorus
4pm Orange Peel Sunshine
5pm El Cento

Sunday, Sept 12th
at Nova
1417 West Davis Street
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 942-8100

Below is just one example of some of the greatness you’ll see hanging up in the Gallery at Crave next month.
See you there!

photo ©Christopher Robin Roberts

The 3rd installment of CRAVE is coming soon and we’re joining forces with GO OAK CLIFF to bring you Blues, Bandits & Barbecue – a neighborhood competition extravaganza and BBQ-OFF that is sure to be a spicy delicious good time. You don’t want to miss it!
we want to put your Art in front of an audience of hundreds. (if you were at Bastille on Bishop, you know what we mean and you know the folks over at Go Oak Cliff really know how to throw a party)
submit today. Deadline is August 15th. Bring it!
submission form is HERE

©Ange Fitzgerald

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