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insideout is a global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art. Upload a poster. Receive a Poster. Paste it for the world to see. PARTICIPATE NOW.

December 2011. Action in the township of Alexandra in Johannesburg, South Africa. Beautiful !!!

visit on FACEBOOK. GET INSPIRED! A large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. A collaboration between the artist JR, the TED Prize and you!



DALLAS CYCLE STYLE is looking for half a dozen photographers who are available to shoot for a few hours on Saturday April 21st 2012 (Earth Day weekend!) The GOAL: to create artistic/professional photos of cyclists around town for our 2nd annual Cyclist Census.

Photographers can choose their own locations if they have a good spot in mind to catch some everyday cyclists (not necessarily the spandex-in-training cyclists, though that’s fine too) or – we have a list of some good spots they can choose from. We’re looking for the 2012 Face of Biking in Dallas and as we found last year, a talented photographer can steal the show. So…this year, we’re making it a photo competition too! We’ll have prizes for 1st through 3rd and honorable mention winners (chosen by a panel of professionals), as well as the People’s Choice Face of Biking in Dallas winners announced at the Cycle Style Fashion Event April 28th, 2012 – 10pm at the Continental Lofts Gallery in Deep Ellum.

Here’s an idea of the types of photos we’re looking for (fun! colorful! exuding personality!) Lights, reflectors & assistants are all allowed.

©Elliott Munoz

©Jarrod Fresquez

©Stevan Koye

©Jarrod Fresquez

The commitment will involve picking up the release forms and sandwich board a week or so before the day of shooting (from either a North Dallas or Oak Cliff location) and then dropping-off your signed release forms, sandwich board and CD/DVD/returnable flash drive with hi res image files at same location before noon the Sunday after the event. It will involve a pretty quick turn-around to get the photos up for online voting before the winners are announced at the next Saturday event!

Interested photographers should contact Amanda at More details at


2011 Dallas Great Streets Visual Essay Contest

The city of Dallas invites you to express your desires, dreams and ideas about what makes a Great Street in Dallas. This contest is designed to help us understand from the citizen’s perspective what works well in our streets and thoroughfares now and what could work better to make Dallas a great community.

We hope to spark your creativity to learn what you think about this valuable but often forgotten part of our public space — the street. We want to know what you like about particular streets in Dallas or how you would like to see them improved. Help us make Dallas streets even better by participating in the Great Streets Visual Essay Contest and be part of the Dallas Complete Streets project.

The Dallas Great Streets Visual Essay Contest is open to everyone. Winning entries will receive exciting prizes!

Contest Term:
The contest term for the 2011 Dallas Great Streets Visual Essay Contest is from 12:00 a.m. on July 18, 2011 to 11:59 p.m. on August 22, 2011.
Contest Rules:

By entering, participants agree to allow their photos or videos, name, city, and state of residence (school and grade for youth participants) to be published as award winners or to be used on web-based or printed publications owned or produced by the city of Dallas, sponsors of the Dallas Great Streets Visual Essay Contest, or interagency partners of the city of Dallas. The photos or videos will be used to promote the Dallas Complete Streets Project. Entrants retain ownership and use of their photographs.

By entering, participants warrant that their entry materials are original and do not infringe on any third party’s rights. By entering, participants release and hold harmless the City of Dallas, sponsors or inter-agency partners from any liability.

If a recognizable person is in the photograph, a model release must be submitted with the entry and liability is limited to the value of prize(s).

The City of Dallas may share your contact information with sponsors and inter-agency partners of the Dallas Complete Streets Project.

The City of Dallas and sponsors shall have the right to verify, in their sole judgment, winner eligibility. All decisions by the Dallas Great Streets Photo Essay Contest judges will be final and binding.
Contest Information:

Please read the following information carefully.

The Dallas Great Streets Visual Essay Contest is open to everyone. Entrants must enter their photos/videos into one of the following divisions:

Pro – Entrants whose income depends on photography/videography or if you consider yourself qualified to compete in the Pro division.

Amateur – Beginning or amateur photographers/videographers at least 18 years of age and experienced photographers/videographers who do not receive a major part of their income from photography.

Youth – Beginning or intermediate photographers/videographers aged 17 or under.

The focus of this contest is on effective communication of your ideas and opinions about street design and how it affects the attractiveness and function of a place. We are looking for your ideas about what makes a great Dallas street. Entries in all divisions may feature any street in Dallas, including streets with residential, retail, entertainment, mixed use, office, business, school, or university uses. Entry photos/videos should express what you, the entrant, like about your featured Dallas street and if or how you would make that Dallas street better. Entries may combine visual media with audio, written, or graphic commentary to communicate your ideas and opinions about what makes a great street.

Each participant may submit one video that is no more than two minutes in length or up to six photographs as a single submission. Videos may include photos. Any text included in the submission may not exceed 200 words. Graphic communication techniques are not limited.

Each submission must feature only one(1) street in Dallas, although street elements from other streets may be used to illustrate how you would make your featured Dallas street better.

The deadline for submitting entries is 11:59 p.m. August 22, 2011. Entries may be submitted beginning at 12:00 a.m., July 18, 2011 and must be received no later than 11:59 p.m., August 22, 2011. Photos or videos taken before the Contest Term are eligible.

By Email
To submit your entry via email, please attach your photos and the contest entry form to the following address:

The size limit for your entire submission package must be less than 20MB. If selected for publication, entrants may need to provide higher resolution photos later.

By Website:
Click here to submit your entry through the online submission form.

The size limit of the attached photos/videos must be less than 20MB, entrant may need to provide higher resolution photos later.

By Mail
To submit your entry via email, please include the contest entry form with your photo/video entry and e-mail to the following address:

2011 Dallas Great Streets Visual Essay Contest
Dallas City Hall
1500 Marilla-Room 5C-North
Dallas, TX 75201

Prizes will be awarded to winning photos/videos submissions in each division — Pro, Amateur and Youth — and one grand prize winner will be awarded from any division.

1st Place — $125.00
2nd Place — $50.00
3rd Place — $25.00
Honorable Mention — Recognition
Grand Prize — $500.00

A panel of judges well versed in visual communication and street design will judge the contest. The grand prize winner, place winners 1, 2, 3 and honorable mentions will be determined at the judges’ discretion. Entries will be judged on relevance to Dallas Complete Streets project goals, effective communication, creativity, and artistic merit.

For more information about Dallas Complete Streets project goals, click here.

For additional questions, please e-mail @
To receive updates about the Dallas Complete Streets project, please register here.
Thank you and we look forward to your participation in the Dallas Great Streets Visual Essay Contest!


Nous avons eu un bon temps merveilleux à la bastille sur l’évêque et voici les photos pour la prouver!
*(We certainly had a wonderful good time at Bastille on Bishop and here are the pictures to prove it!)
Thank you for stopping by to see us!
Love & Photographs,
The A Team

French Mimes

*to download your FREE photo file, visit, select “Shop&Blog” then “Artists&Events” to find the BASTILLE 2011 gallery. Click on any thumbnail to view image large and there is a “download original” link in the lower right which allows you to save the picture to your computer.

I was recently contacted by a fella named Arnoldo Hurtado Escobar about shooting a commissioned concept for him. Arnoldo is a a painter who recently graduated from UNT and who will soon be moving to Cambodia for two years to learn more about life and serving others. He wanted to shoot a take on “one of the most intriguing biblical mythologies” – the story of Adam and Eve as found in the bible.

After talking it over we decided to approach it together. One of the points within that really interested us was the idea that a creator would turn its back on its creations for proving themselves to be faulty, broken and human… just as it had created them to be. It seems like a lot of people’s fear and/or doubt of God and even the existence of God are an unfortunate byproduct of such teachings. The other point of interest was the entrance of “evil” as something that came from outside of us, a spiritual principality and even boogeyman that we should all watch out for because it may incite us to do wrong.

We both felt that most of our problems in life were of our own making and came from within ourselves. The idea of personal responsibility. Having said that, we didn’t have any desire to refute anyone’s beliefs or minimize a story or book that contains beautiful teachings and does so much for so many. Just wanted to kick the ideas around.

When all was said and done, we ended up with something more portrait than concept and found the idea difficult to translate properly, but the ideas were still implied. I posted one of them on Facebook and unfortunately it was reported and deleted within a few hours. I was pretty disappointed because I felt both the image and the accompanying words were tasteful, unoffensive and couldn’t be classified as containing nudity. I was given a seven day photo uploading restriction which is pretty inconvenient because I use Facebook in conjunction with my website and blog to share all I shoot with the masses.

I am at least thankful I could share this here though and I hope you all enjoy it. Be well and happy shooting, my friends.

Dylan Hollingsworth
July 12, 2011

Arnoldo Hurtado Escobar and Vanessa Ruiz ©DylanHollingsworth


As a local political election starts early voting tomorrow, so do we! We actually start right now, with polling you, our dear readers to find out what image from the finalists of the “Dallas Rides” photo contest speaks to you the most. The winner shall receive a sweet little goody bag with some deals and offers from a handful of our favorite local retail establishments.

So tell us now, which photo SCREAMS, “Dallas Rides!” Voting will continue through Tuesday, May 10 and the winner will be announced shortly there after.

I adore and am inspired by Gareth‘s work and was really happy when he shared with me recently news regarding the launch of his new blog, humansandthoughts.
check it out with warm regards from wales & GP.


We love this slide show piece by Ling Ang for Ying Ang‘s segment in the recent On View showcase.
Click HERE to watch.

My memory is quite sketchy on this but I do have the magazine at work with all the info so I’ll expand it later when I do the whole set. I found these two negatives, some 8 months ago and have been waiting for my friend to get them scanned. I don’t recall what camera these were made with but probably a Pentax (6×9) or Hasselblad I borrowed. We didn’t have one in the paper’s pool but a couple staffers had their own. I can tell you this was shot very early in the morning on Plus-X b/w film. And it looks like it was hand-held based on the tilt in the second of the two consecutive frames. But the ss had to be 1/4 or so and that’s sharpness that just isn’t possible off a tripod. I know this was a regular part of the routine for these guys because I must’ve seen it and decided I needed a special way to get what I wanted here. I do know we ran this huge in the Sunday Magazine in The Morning Advocate.

Oh yeah, this was a boot camp for first-time offenders at one of the Louisiana penitentiaries. They weren’t hardened criminals. Yet. I went there numerous times from check-in day until graduation day. My best friend, Keith Lawrence, did the reporting. We teamed up on numerous stories together for the better part of 7 years at two papers together. He went over to the dark side and does PR for Duke University now.

The following frame:

©1987 Guy Reynolds

The same picture, 12 ways. a CameraBag experiment by Ange. Which is your fave?















©Ange Fitzgerald

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