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Sherry Muldoon of Dreamfocus Studio is a freelance photographer and graphic designer in Dallas, Texas. She currently shoots commercial, portrait, events and weddings on location or in studio. Her current assignments include art direction for Combined Scientific Staffing. Sherry specializes in children and events. She also teaches the occasional “Photography Experience” workshop as well as one-on-one sessions.


When and how did you become interested in Photography?

I had always observed and loved photography. About 6 years ago, a friend of mine gave me an old Minolta film camera and I went crazy!! Someone gave me permission to create and the passion was ignited.

What gear do you mainly shoot with?

Canon 50D, 50mm 1.8 lens, 28-105mm, and 18-55 mm…..I’m a chronic lens changer.
I still haven’t found the perfect all-in-one lens…. If someone has a recommendation, I welcome it. 🙂

What is your #1 source of inspiration?

God…which pretty much sums up EVERYTHING. Everything inspires me: the beautiful, the ugly, nature, light, design, the abstract, the innocent, etc.

Many times photographers find themselves with a full schedule of paying gigs, ending up with little time for doing the work they truly love. Do you struggle with finding time for your personal work?

Absolutely!! It was worse a year ago before I started free-lancing. I was working 60 hours a week as manager of a portrait studio which completely drained my passion for photography. I hardly shot any personal work for an entire year. I learned through that process why I chose photography as a profession and to never burn out on it. Working for myself has enabled me to provide more balance for myself and shoot more of the things that I love.

What is your all time favorite genre to shoot?

Child portraiture. I love the innocence that kiddos bring to the camera. They are not tainted yet with worldly concerns and self-consciousness like us adults. When I’m capturing children, I truly feel like I’m capturing a soul’s complete self.

Do you have any upcoming shows or events you want our readers to know about?

I’ve just finished my summer workshop schedule at Dreamfocus Studio. The “Photography Experience” is a series of workshops that I developed a year ago out of my frustration with certain photography instructors. I noticed that unfortunately some photographers develop these incredible egos that do not serve them. Then they try to teach the art of photography but end up keeping “secrets” about techniques for fear that their students may surpass them. Also visual people need to learn in visual ways. Therefore, I try to relay technical aspects in terms that an artist would understand. There’s more information on my website.

What is the one thing you feel makes your style or your work unique?

I love unexpected moments and messages. Photography to me is more like experiencing signs that the Universe is trying to tell me. I’m try to have my signal open at all times.

if you could photograph anyone, (past/present/future), who would it be and why?

Jesus …. I would be curious to see how the light would fall on Him.

what’s your dream photo field trip?

Going anywhere that I haven’t been before…..

what’s your post production process?

I use Lightroom for my initial narrow down process and minor fixes. For more detailed editing, I go straight to Photoshop. I love Photoshop almost as much as I love photography…

if you had unlimited resources to purchase any type of camera, what would it be and why?

I’m still searching for that perfect lens. But, it would be really cool to have an underwater housing unit too.

who are your favorite photographers?

Sally Mann for reality and Lara Jade for the dream…

what has been the shining moment of your career thus far? (or, describe your “big break”)

A few years ago I told myself that I would never want to be a free-lance photographer. I didn’t realize at the time that I was speaking out of fear. I did not want to “struggle” in what I felt was a saturated industry. After burning out at my studio job, a friend of mine called me to ask if I wanted to share studio space with her. The deal was so good, I knew that it was a sign from the Universe. All of a sudden, people started calling to hire me for events and photo gigs. I accepted the calling and am so glad I did. My life is so rewarding now that I can do what I love and serve others doing it.

do you have any tips/tricks or advice for amateur photo nerds who are looking to shoot full time or students who are just starting out?

Do not get into this business unless you are truly passionate about it! I’ve trained a lot of young photographers and noticed two types: those who liked the “idea” of being a photographer and those who were completely obsessed. I can always spot the latter. They were the ones who would be in the studio trying different things and constantly pushing themselves to succeed. The former would whine and complain that there was nothing to do. If you have a camera, even if it is a simple point-and-shoot, you have a way to express yourself. So keep shooting!! And for God’s sake, get off of automatic modes and use your camera’s full potential.

what’s the soundtrack to your life and/or your favorite music to listen to while editing?

I love listening to Iron & Wine or Something in the Wheel.

best chow (meal/snack) to get you ready for a shoot? or best way to celebrate a brilliant capture?

Bananas, great potassium for sore legs and fingers.

will you share with us one of your favorite shots?

This image was pure accident for me and speaks to me about my personal journey. Six years ago I was spending a lot of time in places like this (under bridges) but, not for the sake of art. When I shot this image, I had just gotten married. Then I noticed the shoes hanging from the telephone wire and three figures walking out from behind the bridge. I was able to capture all of it in one frame. The photo represents the life that I left behind. This is how the Universe speaks to me through photography.

your favorite photo by another photographer?

This light and colors in this image by Lara Jade just make me completely happy.

has your passion for photography changed at all since turning “pro”?

Yes…it is always changing. That is what I love so much about it. In the beginning, it was just about preserving a moment in time. Now, I look for Spirit in imagery. I’m constantly changing myself with new concepts and techniques. I will never “arrive”, so to speak, in this art form and I love that!

are you a photography nerd or a camera gangsta?

total nerd

what’s your sign? (we’re conducting a poll)

Sagittarius but, I may be the new sign now….:(

who would you like to see interviewed by photopolus next?

Carolyn Collins


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